Panasonic rolls out True 4K security cameras

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Panasonic has unveiled the latest addition to its lineup of Intelligent Security solutions with the launch of True 4K security cameras in Asia Pacific. ?

The new models, which were officially unveiled at ISC West in Las Vegas, USA, include the True 4K outdoor vandal dome (WV-SFV781L) and outdoor vandal fixed (SPV781L) cameras.


With a 12 megapixel advanced imaging sensor and optics capabilities, the Panasonic True 4K cameras enhances surveillance with True 4K resolution and wide-angle coverage.

According to research, the global video surveillance market is expected to grow at 24.08% CAGR by 2019. In an era where security threats are increasingly prevalent and widespread, video surveillance acts as a safeguard for vital infrastructures and environments.

?We live in a technologically driven world where possessing the latest security technologies is increasingly critical in ensuring that threats are contained. Organizations are placing greater emphasis on video surveillance systems and services to make sense of the explosion in surveillance data,? said Kazunori Kamijo, general manager for the global marketing group, Security Systems Business Division, Panasonic System Networks.

Panasonic?s True 4K cameras are envisioned to be game changers for organizations involved in mission critical-applications such as public safety and transportation, especially in areas that require ultra-high resolution, low-light capabilities and wide-angled surveillance, such as ports, warehouses, energy plants, shopping malls, car parks, banks and other commercial buildings.

Kamijo added, ?The cameras not only bring technological superiority in surveillance, they also make good business sense. Equipped with a 6X optical zoom lens with true 4K resolution that is capable of 17 to 100 degree field of view, businesses can not only see more with less, but also reduce their total ownership and operational costs, and effectively lower the number of conventional HD cameras by half.?

Designed to also overcome challenges of image visibility, the Panasonic True 4K camera rests on the strong foundation of its in-house designed 4K engine, achieving smoother video playback.

Panasonic True 4K cameras produce the highest quality genuine 4K images, with consistent sharpness across the entire frame. As such, specific areas can be viewed clearly, for example in a parking lot, and which this is essential for evidence gathering, regardless of day or night.

The Panasonic True K cameras will be available globally starting May 2015.

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