Panasonic unveils ‘proudly Pinoy-made’ home appliances

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By Crista Quintos

Consumer electronics giant Panasonic recently launched its newest line of home appliances, which are “proudly Pinoy-made” but still carry the renown Japan quality and reliability.

The new three new home appliances include a washer, refrigerator and air conditioning units.

The new washing machine has a StainMaster+ feature that gives the choice of a multi-stain removal option that is able to eliminate bacteria. Alongside the stain removal feature, the new washer also features an Active Foam System function that creates a fine foam that lifts dirt from clothes’ fiber easily.

In addition to these features, Panasonic has equipped their new washers with its Easy Wide Opening which makes doing large loads of laundry easy such as bed comforters and bed sheets.

Panasonic’s new washer also has a rear control panel that helps the consumer easily read and operate the machine. Lastly, it runs on Econavi, which provides optimum electricity, water and time saving operation while doing laundry.

The new refrigerators, meanwhile, have been updated with a plethora of new features that give its users a better storing experience.

The refrigerators has PrimeFresh Freezing that brings its users soft freezing technology which keeps the freshness and flavor of food up to 7 days.

With the PrimeFresh feature, food no longer has to be defrosted before being cooked and brings regular defrosting time to zero.

Also featured is the refrigerator’s Nano-E technology which helps supress odors of food to prevent them from spreading. It is now equipped with multiple drawers such as automatic ice maker and separate compartments for fruits and vegetables.

Panasonic’s new line of air conditioners, on the other hand, is designed to improve indoor air quality for healthier and better living for their users.

The Nano-E technology featured in their refrigerator is also utilized in its air conditioning units. The Nano-E technology in the air conditioner units help deodorize odors, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses, and is an effective dust removal feature that gives its users a more fresh, clean and healthy living environment.

The new Panasonic air conditioners also feature an air purification system that cools down and purifies the air even when the cooling feature is off. Also, it has an inverter system which is perfect for users that find energy saving and better efficiency important.

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