Predator Triton 700 headlines Acer PH’s high-performing gaming laptops

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Acer gaming brand Predator ushered the arrival of its high-performing Triton 700 gaming laptop in the Philippines in a grand launch called “Frost Forged” held at High Grounds Cafe in Quezon City.

Predator Philippines marketing and communications lead JB Aquino
Predator Philippines marketing and communications lead JB Aquino

“When we engineered the Triton 700, we really took into consideration the needs and wants of gaming enthusiasts,” shares JB Aquino, marketing and communications lead for Predator Philippines. “Extreme performance was a given. On top of that, we made sure that the Triton 700 was conveniently portable and housed in one robust yet refined machine.”

The Triton 700 has two variations: a Triton 700 laptop which bears Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060, and the newest GeForce GTX 1080 with Max-Q design.

Predator Triton 700 21

The latest GTX 1080 offers ultra-smooth visuals on a 15.6-inch Full HD display and extreme overclocking speed potential. Screen tearing and stuttering are effectively minimized and eliminated, thanks to Nvidia G-Sync ? which matches the refresh rate of the Triton 700 while being powered by the Intel i7 processor.

Predator Triton 700 12

The gaming laptop sports a twin Aeroblade 3D fans, the thinnest in the market at 0.1mm, for an advanced thermal design to guarantee constant high performance. This provides the users with 35% improved airflow throughout the computer.

Predator Triton 700 14

Measuring its height at 18.9mm, the Triton 700’s GPU and processor are VR ready, complementing its Dolby ATMOS integration for a more realistic gaming experience. There’s also a low-profile mechanical keyboard installed with slim keys and is RGB Backlit, allowing users to customize the backlight when using in a dark-lit environment.

Predator Triton 700 07

Corning Gorilla glass protects the front of the keyboard for the precision touchpad, which also serves as a window to the device’s cooling system.?With generous input/output (I/O) ports placed on both sides of the unit, gamers are allowed to plug in three monitors via Thunderbolt 3 or jump their Internet connection via Ethernet port.

“For heavy gamers looking to share the action with friends this is a dream come true,” enthuses Aquino. “With the Predator Triton 700, all these powerful components and convenient additions are in place, gamers no longer need to be glued to a desktop for a perfect gaming experience.”

Predator Triton 700 09

The Predator Triton 700 GTX 1060 model is tagged at P134,999, while the Predator Triton 700 GTX 1080 model bears the P229,999 price tag.

Both units will be available for pre-order online via partner re-sellers Columbia Computers, Complink, Concept Computers, Octagon, PC Corner, PC Express, Thinking Tools, and VillMan.

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