UK reviewer names AMD as ‘Best Tech 2017 Brand of the Year’

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Computer processor outfit AMD has won Trusted Reviews’ “Best Tech 2017 Brand of the Year” and “PC Component of the Year” for the AMD Ryzen processors.

AMD president and CEO Lisa Su speaking during the 2015 Financial Analyst Day
AMD president and CEO Lisa Su speaking during the 2015 Financial Analyst Day

Trusted Reviews is a reputable news and media website in London and a provider of independent expert reviews, user reviews and news about consumer electronics. They hold their annual Trusted Reviews Awards celebrating the best products launched in the tech world each year.

“AMD redefined what gamers could expect from their PCs this year, which is a major factor in winning the reader-voted award. In doing so, it beat Samsung, Apple, and Intel,” said Evan Kypreos, Editor of Trusted Reviews, at its 10th annual Trusted Reviews Awards.

“The award tops off a sterling year for the company, which boasted a 300% profits increase in its most recent earnings report thanks to huge sales of its new Ryzen processors.”

While the winner of the “Brand of the Year” category is based on the public’s vote, the “PC Component of the Year” award is selected by a panel of Trusted Reviews experts.

In its coverage of the “PC Component of the Year” award, Trusted Reviews wrote:

“AMD’s Ryzen chips were first launched in March this year. In the intervening months, they’ve changed the landscape of the processor market, bringing huge and relatively affordable multi-core power to PC gamers worldwide. The Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 chips all received recommended awards in their Trusted Reviews reviews, which is no mean feat in such a competitive market.”

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