Mislatel denies ‘existing’ contract with LCS-TierOne

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Mislatel, the franchise holder of a consortium declared as the provisional third telco by the government, said over the weekend that it has no existing contract with TierOne of political kingpin Luis ?Chavit? Singson.

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?The simple fact is that Mislatel has no contract with TierOne. What Mislatel had was a terminated contract with a company called DigiPhil that was meant for small projects, like VSAT,? the statement read.

?To be very clear, the contract with Digiphil was not intended for the purpose of submitting a bid with the NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) for the NMP (New Major Player) for the telecommunications industry.

?A simple reading of the contract shows that it makes absolutely no reference to the third telco bid. Moreover, the contract was nevertheless terminated on October 5, 2018,? the company said.

Mislatel also said TierOne submitted a failed bid with the NTC although they had a valid franchise with Sear.

?Their bid was disqualified not because of any act on the part of Mislatel but rather merely because they were unable to secure the required participation security, which was required by the NTC?s Terms of Reference (TOR) and the Instructions to Participants (ITP) for the selection process,? Mislatel said.

?Unlike Tierone, Mislatel has complied with all of the NTC?s requirements and this is why it has been conferred Provisional NMP status. The NTC selection process has been fair and transparent and for failure to even comply with a basic requirement, TierOne has been rightfully disqualified,? the company added.

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Mislatel, which stands for Mindanao Islamic telephone Company, also said its franchise is still valid and subsisting.

?The NTC itself had issued a list of national telecommunications franchises that were eligible for the selection process for the NMP for the telecommunications industry. In addition, during the selection process at the NTC, the Selection Committee confirmed the validity of the Mislatel franchise,? the company said.

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