Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Trend Micro ramps up capacity, unveils new solutions center in PH

Global cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has announced that it has ramped up it Philippine presence with the opening of a new solutions center in the country.

Trend Micro EVP and CIO Max Cheng

The company said the new state-of-the-art facility will offer Trend Micro’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. MDR services consist of round-the-clock alert monitoring, investigation, and threat-hunting activities for Trend Micro clients across the globe.

The service also includes detailed remediation options and recommendations for fixing and preventing cybersecurity threats.

Max Cheng, executive vice president for core technology and CIO of Trend Micro, said cyber attacks continue to increase. In fact, there is a 67% increase in security breaches in the last five years across the globe, Cheng said, citing a recent study.

The executive said for the first half of the year, threats for enterprises include “multi-layered attacks and multiple attack vectors.”

Cheng emphasized that a specific threat that keeps executives up at night are ransomware attacks.

“It is not a question of ‘if,’ but it is a question of ‘when’ the attacks will come,” Cheng said, adding that ransomware attacks that have take a more targeted approach and are often unreported.

The executive said the emerging complexities of threats now means traditional means of addressing cyberseucity issues are no longer sufficient. This is where Trend Micro’s MDR services come in, Cheng said.

“Our MDR service provides organizations a broader visibility over threats, while alleviating overburdened security teams through better flexibility in deploying their solutions,” the executive said.

“Managed XDR addresses three main factors that serve as challenges to organizations: quickly detecting cyberattacks which account for billions of threats annually; achieving better visibility into the scope and scale of cyberattacks across security layers; and alleviating the pain of the skills gap due to scarcity of security experts.”

Managed services are exclusively carried out by a dedicated team with the advanced security expertise and skills in investigating sophisticated threats.

Cheng said out of Trend Micro’s 1,000 Filipino engineers, a substantial number are assigned to the managed services which covers global services across four strategic vectors-endpoint, network, email, and server and cloud workloads.

Trend Micro’s local workforce has grown from just 14 engineers when it was established in the Philippines in 1998 to over 1,000 to date. That is about 17 percent of the firm’s current total global workforce of around 6,000 employees.


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