Opensignal report: Smart ahead of Globe on multiple fronts

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Mobile metrics firm Opensignal has released its latest report analyzing the mobile network experience of the two operators in the Philippines — at a national level and across 19 provinces.

“Even with just two players, mobile network experience is continuing to improve in the country as we’ve seen a few milestones beaten,” the report said.

Some highlights of the report:

  • Smart is still the one to beat. The operator won four of the national awards and drew with Globe for 4G Availability, with no move in awards table since the last report. There were some impressive improvements from Globe too, particularly in its Download Speed and Latency Experience.
  • There’s a tie for the 4G Availability award for the second report running, with very little light between Globe and Smart’s scores. And these scores are improving, with users on both operators’ networks seeing their 4G Availability improve by at least 3 percentage points.
  • Smart remains well ahead in overall Download Speed Experience metric, although Globe saw a good increase to close the gap on the leader. However Smart saw a drop of nearly 1 megabit in its 4G-only Download Speed score — something of a concern as 4G Availability is increasing.
  • Smart kept hold of the Video Experience award fairly comfortably, improving its score by over 3 points (out of 100) to move further ahead of Globe. Smart’s score also gained it a Fair rating, meaning Video Experience is acceptable at lower resolutions, while Globe remains well into the Poor rankings, so its users will find streamed video virtually unwatchable.
  • Smart kept the Latency Experience award, with both operators showing impressive improvements in this metric. Smart’s score improved by over 7 milliseconds, but Globe’s bettered by over 10ms to put pressure on the leader, with less than 3ms now separating the two.
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