Sunday, July 14, 2024

Back-up offering aims to protect gaming consoles and PCs

Energy equipment firm Schneider Electric introduced in the local market its latest power back-up device during a recent DOTA 2 exhibition match led by Filipino e-sports team Miraculum Gaming.

During the match, a power outage scenario was simulated in order to highlight the capabilities of the new APC Gaming UPS.

Some of the features of the device include battery backup and surge protector outlets, a sinewave power output to ensure the absence of distortion and power drop that affects power quality, a Type-C and Type-A USB charging port, AVR with boost and trim, and 1GB network protection.

It is being marketed as the ideal protector for gaming systems during unexpected power interruptions. The Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), meanwhile, is a key factor being highlighted in the product.   

The Active PFC feature provides added protection for high-end gaming equipment and high-performance devices by increasing the power factor (PF) using active electronic circuits with feedback that control the shape of the drawn current.

“Our product is first to market because it promotes the Active PFC compatibility. Moving forward, we will increase our visibility for our brand because we are not only focusing on just gaming — there’s also the retail sector, normal home users, and the corporate and enterprise customers,” said Danlyn Morales, distribution account manager at Schneider Electric.

The device retails for P29,995 and can be purchased at authorized resellers including Complink, Easy PC, Gaisano Interpace, GameOne, JW Summit, Octagon, PC Express, PC Hub, PCWorx, Silicon, Smartasia, Thinking Tools, and Villman.


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