Local tech distributor VST ECS opens Go-Qloud datacenter

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Local ICT distributor VST ECS Philippines has formally announced the launch of its own data center facility called Go-Qloud, making it the only distributor in the country to offer data center services especially to companies with data localization or data sovereignty requirements.

With a 189-rack capacity and 2MW of power, Go-Qloud is a certified TIA-942 data center. The ANSI/TIA-942 is a quality standard for data centers where physical infrastructure such as site location, architectural, electrical, mechanical, fire safety, telecommunication, security and other requirements are reviewed and certified. It features 11 layers of security with 24 x 7 CCTV monitoring and motion detection systems manned 24×7 by certified data center engineers.

Go-Qloud offers a range of services including co-location, cloud, and managed services allowing companies to enjoy the benefits of on-premise, hybrid, or pure cloud infrastructure. Customers of Go-Qloud can also take advantage of VST ECS pool of industry-certified engineers and solutions portfolio. 

Go-Qloud is the first Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider that features Microsoft Azure Stack which is a hybrid cloud solution that leverages on the ISO-certified infrastructure of Azure. This makes Go-Qloud a local cloud solution with global standards.

 “Because Azure Stack is a local cloud, there is no egress cost,” said Jimmy Go, president and CEO of VST ECS Philippines. Egress cost refers to the charges incurred when organizations move data from the cloud to another. Cloud data egress fees can add up as global cloud providers charge customers every time data is moved from the cloud to on-prem storage.

In addition to Azure Stack, Go-Qloud also offers the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.

Aside from IaaS, Go-Qloud is also the only enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider with infrastructure located in the Philippines. It currently offers SAP Business One on SQL and SAP Business One on HANA. Beyond these, Go-Qloud will soon include SAS Business Analytics and many other industry solutions.

For Managed Services, customers can tap Go-Qloud for Infrastructure Deployment and Maintenance and Back-Up-as-a-Service (BaaS).

Engineered to support critical systems, Go-Qloud Datacenter runs on two fully redundant Caterpillar-powered generators and two fully redundant Schneider Electric UPS. This set-up is critically important to ensure that servers continue to run even if one power supply fails or during short-term brownouts.

Go-Qloud data centers feature hot and cold aisle rack configuration that translates to efficient energy consumption as the layout allows to conserve energy and lower cooling cost by managing airflow. Electricity cost is one of the biggest expenses in running data centers and this containment system brings down operational cost allowing Go-Qloud customers to enjoy competitive rates.

 “What makes Go-Qloud flexible is that we can work with the preferred telco provider of our customers.  We are carrier neutral, so we are not tied to just one telco provider,” stressed Go during the reseller launch of Go-Qloud.

Building a data center requires a lot of investment, hence, some businesses turn to co-location as an IT strategy. With Go-Qloud’s colocation services, businesses have the flexibility to house their servers in the facility where security, compliance, and power systems are in place. The location is also an added advantage especially if customers need to physically check their equipment and ensure that the operations comply with data localization requirements.

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