Covid-19 to bring profound changes to PH workforce, says JobStreet

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Online job portal said there will be many changes that are bound to happen in the local labor market as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Here’s what companies can look forward to after the pandemic is over, according to JobStreet Philippines.

  • More companies will consider the work-from-home option

Because of the mandatory home quarantine, most companies have been forced to shift their gears and adopt digital ways. As a result, telecommunication has become a practice for most industries.

This is aligned with the desire of 47.8% of Filipino employees who, based on data from JobStreet Laws of Attraction Data Lab, want the option to work from home.

  • Employees will start looking for additional benefits

Aside from mandatory government benefits, medical and insurance coverage for both the employee and their families is a must — especially for those who cannot afford to work from home.

Based on JobStreet Laws of Attraction Data Lab, Filipino workers find mandatory government benefits (94.6%) and insurance (84.6%) as essential compensations. Meanwhile, 88.4% see double pay during public holidays, or in this case during calamities, as a must-have.

  • Companies will start updating their leave policies

The lack of sick leaves has become a huge issue that came about with the Covid-19 outbreak. Many employers are updating their leave policies to accommodate additional personal leaves for their employees.

These leaves allow workers to run emergency errands for their family members. Others simply update their leave application processes so that employees can take leaves without hassle.

  • More and more employers will revisit their CSR initiatives

According to the JobStreet Laws of Attraction Data Lab, 65.9% of Filipino employees want a company that “values and contributes to its people not just profits.”

Several conglomerates have been in the limelight amid the Covid-19 pandemic because of the support they’ve give to frontliners and daily wage earners through donations and relief efforts. While SMEs aren’t exactly in the same position as these conglomerates to provide magnanimously during crises, they can still use this opportunity to highlight their company’s mission and advocacies.

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