M Lhuillier frontliners face pandemic with gleam of hope

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At the front line of the current health crisis in the country are hardworking employees coming from different industries who continue to serve the general public just to cater and answer to one’s essential needs. Heeding one’s necessities is M Lhuillier Financial Services, Inc. which has continued its operations to respond to its clients’ financial needs during these trying times.

Making smooth and safe transactions is where M Lhuillier’s frontline associates come in geared with their personal protective equipment ready to serve customers with a smile behind their mask as they face this pandemic head on.

Sherry Ann Pichay who is assigned in Sta. Mesa 2 branch has devoted 10 years of her life and counting to M Lhuillier and remained resilient up to this day despite the present difficulties to put food on the table for her husband and five-year-old daughter.

Pichay reveals that she’s beyond grateful for still having the capability of sustaining her family’s needs but helping customers is another kind of contentment that motivates her to work every day.

Creselita Cheng Caballero of Dongalo branch shares the same sentiments and proves her loyalty to M Lhuillier by going above and beyond just to report to work daily. Caballero walks from her place in Muntinlupa to Dongalo for two hours to willingly work and serve customers.

A big realization on her part in her 17 years with M Lhuillier while in the midst of a pandemic is the fact that she’s able to keep her job while millions lose theirs. She wakes up every day with a grateful heart that she’s able to provide for her family’s daily needs. Caballero added that it’s just a matter of looking forward with hope although things may not seem promising for now.

Another hopeful frontliner is Reyda Grace Demaosa at the Baclaran branch who goes through an hour of travel time to get to work. Determined in the face of hardship, Demaosa strives every day in order to earn a living for herself and her family in the province while she’s left to work in Metro Manila on her own.

In her 14 years with M Lhuillier, Demaosa remains thankful no matter the circumstances, especially with what this threatening health crisis has caused the country. Demaosa may be terrified to stand at the front lines of this pandemic but she stays dedicated in serving the needs of the customers as long as everyone is prudent to follow safety measures. “We must keep in mind that we are responsible for the lives of each other, so we need to act accordingly,” Demaosa expressed.

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