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Converge ICT beefs up staff handling complaints, inquiries

Fiber broadband provider Converge ICT Solutions has augmented its customer service with the addition of new hires, as well as  outsourced agents, in Pasig, Manila, Clark and Dau sites, almost doubling its total headcount from March to end of Q3 2020.

The company has also increased its overall hotline capacity to match the additional staffing to address customer inquiries and follow-ups.

The company said it has improved its overall voice support performance resulting in a significant decline in dropped calls and reduced waiting time for customers calling the hotlines. 

The move aims to address year-end targets including responding within 24-hours for the non-voice channels of Converge ICT’s call center operations.

Converge ICT had been laying the groundwork for customer service ramp up long before the pandemic, the company said. Among the steps that the company has taken was automating more processes and augmenting their customer service teams.

While all these were in response to the upward trend in subscriber applications, Converge ICT said it had to ramp up its efforts to meet an even higher demand for Internet service.

“The surge in applications has caused our customers to reach out to us through multiple service channels,” said Pampanga-based Converge ICT founder and chief executive officer Dennis Anthony Uy. “We’ve been working to provide a seamless, consistent experience whether you reach out through the Web, mobile app, phone, instant messaging, or email.”

The company has recently launched a mobile app, Converge Xperience, which aims to enable subscribers to seek solutions for service-related concerns without the need to talk to a customer service agent.

Aside from the app, the company has also launched its own YouTube channel that features self-help videos to help educate their market in improving their Internet experience.

Likewise, the interactive voice response system has been improved with the same goal to address customer concerns at the shortest possible time. More digital transformation projects and system improvements are underway to improve responsiveness and service delivery, it said.

“The demand for better Internet connection heightened during the pandemic,” said Uy. “And we have been guided by customer feedback to ensure that we are able to provide the services that they need and address any concerns that they might have.”

Converge ICT said it has also been aggressive in the expansion of its nationwide network for the remainder of 2020 and well into 2021.

“As we grow our business, we want to make sure that we continue to delight our customers,” said Uy. “With a resilient and reliable talent pool, we aim to serve everyone, especially the unserved and under-served.”

At present, the company has offices in Pasig and Pampanga, with an extension office in the Clark central business district.


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