PH posted 477% increase in broadband download speed since 2016: Ookla

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Internet firm Ookla has revealed that the Philippines has registered an impressive 477% improvement in fixed broadband download speeds over the last four years.

In its report, Ookla said the country’s download speed over fixed broadband has increased from 3.18 Mbps in Q3 2016 to 18.35 Mbps in Q3 2020. The upload speeds over fixed broadband increased as well.

Ookla said that the mobile Internet speed in the country also improved, but at a much slower pace, showing an 99.1% increase in download speed over the last four years. In fact, the median performance decreased between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020 for both download and upload speed when compared to the previous year, according to Ookla.

Smart had the faster Speed Score between the two local mobile operators at 19.97 during Q2-Q3 2020. Globe registered a Speed Score of 13.47.

Among Internet service providers, PLDT had the fastest fixed broadband speed during Q2-Q3 2020 with a Speed Score of 24.76. Converge ICT was second, while SKY was third.

Despite the overall improvements in network performance, Ookla said the Philippines still lags behind most countries on the Speedtest Global Index. The country ranked 111th on mobile and 107th on fixed broadband as of October 2020.

“The Philippines will need to continue removing barriers to infrastructure enhancements and increasing connectivity across the country in order to improve these rankings,” the company stressed.

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