Garena to unveil mobile game based on ‘Fairy Tail’

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Game developer Garena and manga publisher Kodansha will soon be bringing the turn-based role-playing game (RPG) “Fairy Tail: Forces Unite” in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Currently available for pre-registration, the mobile RPG will be handing out a free SS-Class Erza character once the target pre-registering number of players is achieved.

Fairy Tail Forces Unite Mobile turn-based RPG game

“Fairy Tail: Forces Unite” is now live in Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Meanwhile, in China, it will be available as “Fairy Tail: Magic Guide”, developed by Tencent’s Rubik’s Cube Studio. The game will be using the very same voice actors (VAs) for the characters seen in the original Fairy Tail animation.  

According to Marshal Nugroho, a producer at Garena Indonesia, “Fairy Tail: Forces Unite” players will experience a direct adaptation of the same adventures that Natsu, Lucy, and other mages had from the original anime and manga.

“Various social features are also present such as guild, mentorship, marriage, and also home building features that we believe can make friendships between players closer,” Nugroho added.

The game combines elements of RPG in a turn-based format and will follow the original storylines and scenes, now in a mobile platform. Players will begin their journey by selecting a character among the eight original mages with nine class types – each with a unique trait and ability.

As an example, the fan-favorites “Fire Dragon’s Roar” by Natsu and Gray’s “Ice-Make: Lance” will be two of the easily recognizable spells from the protagonists. By pre-registering, players will be able to dish out the Titania’s arsenal in the field.

Garena is also pulling out all the stops for “Fairy Tail: Forces Unite” by bringing free trading functionality among players. A guild system is also in place to ensure that the game and fandom’s community will keep the title alive, and in-game voice chat will surely open channels for livestreaming Fairy Tail fans.

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