Thursday, July 18, 2024

IBM eyes PH enterprises with latest cloud offering

Information technology giant IBM has unveiled its latest offering for cloud computing and will be targeting local enterprises.

Dubbed the “IBM Cloud Satellite” the service is expected to benefit enterprises looking to ramp up their digital transformation amid disruptors such as an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


What is different about the latest solution, IBM said, is that the company’s hybrid cloud services “are now generally available in any environment, on any cloud, on-premises or at the edge.”

Christine Llanto Ravelo, IBM Philippines lead for IBM cloud sales and solutions, said the demand for hybrid cloud is expected to soar further. The executive noted that a study showed that 74% of CEOs think cloud will be beneficial to businesses in the next 3 to 6 years.

Citing an example, Ravelo said almost all businesses need to “digitally transform” and use the cloud as an enabler.

She said online retail, online banking, telehealth, and even government services will require some kind of cloud solutions to be able to be more competitive in delivering services.

Cloud computing will become even more important because, by 2025, about 75% of enterprise data will need to be processed via the cloud.

The executive said IBM Satellite is the “most open and most secure” solution out there.  The solution is not exclusive to IBM software and can handle different applications from different vendors.

In terms of investment, enterprises can either choose to implement a pay-as-you-go or a subscription scheme. There is even a pay-per-hour arrangement based on virtual CPUs that an enterprise has, said Llanto Ravelo.

Tristan Ylagan, IBM country leader for partner ecosystem, said IBM will continue to focus on the cloud and has spent $1 billion for cloud-related developments.

The end-goal, Ylagan said, is to help clients make the most out of hybrid clouds.

On a global basis, technology companies are all looking at a $1-trillion cloud market in the coming years.

IBM further said IBM Cloud Satellite “brings a secured, unifying layer of cloud services for clients across environments, regardless of where their data resides.”

This is essential to help address critical data privacy and data sovereignty requirements. Industries including telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and government can now benefit from reduced latency that comes with analyzing data securely at the edge, IBM said.


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