Monday, December 11, 2023

Edtech firm calls for increased adoption of digital learning in PH

Japanese education technology company Quipper, a known provider of an online learning management system (LMS), emphasized the evolving need for digital learning technology amid the announcement of the Department of Education in adding in-person classes to blended learning setups.

While remote and blended learning modalities were used by educators to cope with the Covid-19 situation, Quipper said that finding the right technology and platform will further aid educators in transitioning to the emerging learning setups moving forward.

Many institutions, according to the firm, are already embracing the HyFlex model, derived from the words “hybrid” and “flexible,” and embodied by the combination of various teaching setups like face-to-face and modular distance learning, as well as the ability of students to choose how they want to participate and engage in school.

“Nowadays, educational institutions need to provide their students with more engaged learning experiences while ensuring their well-being and meaningful connections.  All these elements are critical for a successful learning experience now and in the future. Leveraging the right technology and platform can help educators transition to all types of setups for learning,” said Yusuke Takagi, CEO of Quipper Philippines.

With the LMS platform of Quipper, students are able to access learning content at their most convenient times and location, either on an Android smartphone or an iOS device. Educators, on the other hand, can manage multiple classes via the platform’s customized dashboard or create and publish their own materials using a content management tool.

Ready-made student and teacher content, meanwhile, are made available at Quipper’s second offering called Quipper School Premium, while Quipper Video enhances course content with unlimited access to video lessons catered for Grades 10-12.

“Quipper combines user-friendly technology with relevant and engaging content to create meaningful teaching and learning experiences. Our e-learning solutions provide teachers with teaching guides, editable presentation slides, and other resources to support their daily lessons. We also provide downloadable study guides for students as alternatives to textbooks and video lessons,” Takagi added.

In a testimonial, Cornerstone Christian Academy teacher Paola Cortes shared that Quipper’s learning management system has essentially cut preparation time by half, allowing educators such as herself to allot more time on performing hands-on assessments.

“Blended learning is a huge game player in today’s education landscape. Quipper is able to provide ways for students to learn at their own pace, even when outside the four walls of the school. This tech-based tool allows learners to study with convenience aside from that,” she said.

Harnessing the convenience of a fully digital platform, Quipper is also set to release new content catering to Grades 1-3, specialized subjects for senior high school, and an improved version of Grades 11-12 core subjects that are more aligned with DepEd’s Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC) teaching framework.


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