Sunday, December 10, 2023

PH posts highest uplift in ‘video experience’ from 4G to 5G: report

The latest report from mobile metrics firm Opensignal has revealed that the Philippines ranked first worldwide for “video experience” uplift, thanks to a 79% increase in mobile video streaming experience with 5G compared with 4G.

Chile (64% uplift), Thailand (64%) and Indonesia (61%) completed the top five markets, alongside Malaysia.

The Philippines also ranked second in the 5G download speed uplift table with an 8.8-fold increase. While Malaysia’s improvement ratio was higher than the Philippines and top-ranked Chile, Opensignal noted that there are few 5G users in Malaysia and its ratio will likely decrease as 5G adoption increases.

But in terms of global 5G leadership, South Korea continues to top the global leaderboard with the highest average 5G Download Speed (432.7 Mbps) again and also holding on to the top 5G Games Experience slot (89.6).

Nordic markets continue to do well in multiple categories, as do Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets Kuwait, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Impressively for such a large geography, the USA continues to rank very highly on both 5G Availability (25.2%) — the time users spend connected to 5G — and on 5G Reach (6.0), which quantifies the proportion of locations where users saw 5G service.

Overall, the analysis of 5G worldwide leaders showed that there are many new entrants in the top 15 markets across different measures of 5G mobile network experience compared with the last 5G benchmark in March.

Bulgaria entered the table in six categories, ranking especially highly on 5G Download Speed (316.8 Mbps), although South Korea topped the table. Puerto Rico is strong on 5G Availability, 5G Reach and Video Experience uplift but misses out from a top 15 market spot elsewhere.

And despite new spectrum scarcity, Singapore has become a global top 15 market for 5G Download Speed.

Malaysia jumped in with high rankings in all three 5G speed categories as well as 5G Games Experience. However, the report said 5G is still very new in Malaysia with relatively few 5G users.

“To date, only two operators have signed up to deploy 5G on the controversial single wholesale network. The real-world test for Malaysia will happen in the coming months when multiple Malaysian operators market 5G and we see real mass market uptake,” it said.


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