Wednesday, November 29, 2023

BPO firm Sitel Group rebrands into Foundever

BPO operator Sitel Group has announced its official transition to Foundever, a global rebranding move that celebrates the expertise on which the company was founded.

“’Found’ represents our constant curiosity to innovate and create grounded solutions, and ‘ever’ signals our agility and drive to continuously adapt to the changing needs of the market and our clients,” Cecile Mae-Moreno Venancio Sr. director for marketing in Asia Pacific, said.

“And since CX remains largely rooted in human-to-human interaction, we never cease to look for ways to ensure our solutions maintain a strong human-centric element throughout our almost 40 years in the industry.”

Beginning as a small startup, Foundever grew to become a global company that delivers over 9 million customer conversations and insights each day.

With support available for over 60 languages and headquarters in 45 countries, Foundever is serving over 750 brands across America, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Europe. Its staff is numbered at around 170,000 worldwide. 

Since acquiring BPO firm Sykes in 2021, Foundever has established its position as one of the top CX providers in the world.

In the Philippines, the acquisition created a mutual employment advantage between the two companies and saw the number of Sykes’ employees across the country grow to over 40,000.

“Our team remains committed to learning, designing, and integrating solutions that meet the specific needs of clients. This includes taking time to know individual cultures, values, and operational models to address unique business challenges,” Venancio said.


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