Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Plentina rolls out AI-driven wealth management platform in PH

After the success of their fintech startup Plentina, Silicon Valley-based tech executives Kevin Gabayan and Earl Valencia have launched a spin-off of their company aimed at transforming wealth management through its robo-advisor investment platform.

Called Plentina Wealth, the new platform offers a fully digital experience that allows users to effortlessly set up global brokerage accounts and receive personalized investment portfolios aligned with their financial goals.

Gabayan and Valencia both flew in from the US to showcase the new platform at the “Tech Meets Wealth: The Future of Financial Freedom” event in the QBO Innovation Hub in Makati City.

The event featured insights from industry leaders, highlighting the platform’s mission to democratize wealth management and harness technology for sustainable wealth creation.

At the core of Plentina Wealth’s innovation is its AI-powered algorithm, which generates optimal diversified portfolios based on users’ risk preferences.

This approach simplifies stock investing and empowers individuals, irrespective of their investment background, to confidently begin their wealth-building journey.

The founders said Plentina Wealth’s commitment extends beyond automation, as they disclosed plans to provide financial education content and campaigns.

By leveraging technology, Plentina Wealth said it aims to guide Filipinos toward informed investment decisions, ushering in a future where financial freedom is accessible to all.


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