App allows people to find out who likes them nearby

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A Belgian developer has launched Stepout, a multi-platform application for meeting new people in a specific place or location, for devices running on iOS and Android, as well as for Windows desktop machines.


The new application, which has been released in 38 languages, focuses on connecting only people who express interest in each other. It uses geo-location to show people near them in real-time.

Stepout is the first app available for Windows desktop machines (XP, 7, and 8) as well as iOS and Android platforms, its creators said.

It allows its users to vote “yes” or “no” on other people in a private manner. Their interest in a person will remain hidden unless that person happens to like them, too. Stepout then only allows a conversation between the two consenting individuals.

“Meeting new people online can be a daunting experience. As no one on Stepout will ever know you like them unless they like you too, that initial feeling of exposure is totally removed,” explained Toon Coppens, co-founder of Stepout.

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