Metrobank, PSBank activate cardless withdrawal for ATM clients

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Metrobank and sister firm PSBank have activated its cardless withdrawal feature that allows customers access to their money through its mobile banking apps and withdraw cash anytime without having to use an ATM card.

To use the cardless withdrawal feature, Metrobank and PSBank clients just have to follow these steps:

? Log in to your PSBank or Metrobank mobile app.

? Select ?Cardless Withdrawal? to create a transaction request.

? Choose the account where the amount will be withdrawn.

? Type in your nominated 4-digit PIN and the amount you wish to withdraw.

After providing the details needed, the customer will receive a unique six-digit system-generated PIN 2 that is valid within 30 minutes from the time of the request.

After getting the two PIN codes, he or she may then proceed to any Metrobank or PSBank ATM to start his or her cardless withdrawal transaction.

For every single transaction, clients can take out as much as P10,000, with a daily maximum withdrawal limit of P30,000.

The new feature also offers a multi-factor authentication that provides an added layer of security to protect cardholders from fraudsters.

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