Report: iPhone, Samsung users in PH getting faster speeds than Huawei users

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Mobile analytics company Opensignal has released a report detailing the impact that smartphone choices have on mobile network experience, collecting and analyzing over 117 billion measurements from over 23,352,908 devices using the OpenSignal App worldwide during a three-month period (April 2 to June 30, 2019).

Comparing the world’s three largest smartphone makers, Filipino Samsung users and Apple iPhone users experienced statistically similar download speeds of 11Mbps but their speeds were approximately 1.5Mbps faster than Huawei users. 

To analyze the differences, Opensignal split smartphone users into three groups — low, mid, and high-tier — based on a smartphone’s mobile network capabilities. High-tier smartphone users in the Philippines experience speeds of 15.8Mbps, ranked 63rd out of 73 countries.

High-tier smartphone users in the Philippines experienced downloads speeds 2.4 times as fast as those users with low-tier smartphones.

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