Taiwan group highlights remote work and study solutions

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Taiwan Excellence, a campaign brought together by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the country’s Bureau of Foreign Trade to promote its ICT solutions, recently presented four companies with remote communication-oriented products that received its “seal of approval”.

Simon Wang, executive vice president of Taitra, said during an online event that companies around the world are losing physical networking platforms that have been around for a long time – exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

Wang also quipped that there is a big possibility that in the aftermath of the epidemic, a great number of people will no longer shake hands in their lifetime.

“The coronavirus pandemic has devastated 187 countries. The United Nations (UN) has 193 members which means over 96% (of the members of UN) has been affected by this coronavirus. Every one of us in the planet has been affected. We are losing mobility,” Wang said.

Among the ICT solutions were CyberLink’s U Communication Suite, Aver’s Mechanical Arm Wireless Interactive Visualizer, Delta’s DeltaKnEW Academy, and BXB’s Q.con Video Conferencing Solution.

Backed by a “Best video conferencing software in 2020” award from MSN.com, the U Communication Suite is a business communication service specifically designed for online meetings, presentations and business chat. It features AI-powered video quality enhancing and multi-device support.

To support the U Communication Suite, as well as other video conferencing platforms out there, the Q.con Video Conferencing Solution mainly provides a video conference quality upgrade by using a built-in cardioid microphone to remove the pesky background noise from the speaker’s voice. It can also provide close-ups of facial expressions by auto-tracking them.

When it comes to educational solutions with remote access, the DeltaKnEW Academy open Smart Learning platform focuses on reskilling and upskilling Industry 4.0 skills while Cu-Class on-line education and video conference system provides online login, registration, and content replay.

Meanwhile, the Mechanical Arm Wireless Interactive Visualizer functions as a 4K 13-megapixel network camera for remote teaching and material presentation. It has already bagged three Taiwan Excellence Awards.

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