After PLDT, Dito signs interconnection pact with Globe

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After signing a similar agreement with PLDT, telco upstart Dito Telecommunity inked an interconnection deal with Globe Telecom linking subscribers of both telcos.

The interconnection agreement covers domestic mobile calls and SMS enabling Globe’s customers to make mobile calls, send SMS with Dito Telecommunity’s customers without additional charges. The interconnection is expected to commence next month.

“Globe’s collaboration with Dito Telecommunity is part of our commitment to improve customer services by enhancing connectivity among others. This interconnection also reflects the vibrancy of competition in the telecommunications industry,” said Globe general counsel Froilan Castelo.

Globe said it is also finalizing an interconnection deal with Dito Telecommunity on the fixed landline space.

Interconnection among telco providers is in line with provisions for compulsory interconnection of authorized public telecommunications carriers under Republic Act 7925. The law aims to create a universally accessible and fully integrated nationwide telecommunications network to encourage more infrastructure investments from the private sector that would benefit the consumers.

Dito Telecommunity, owned by Davao-based businessman Dennis Uy and backed by China Telecoms, will roll out its commercial service on March 8.

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