MLBB to reveal new S.T.U.N skins for 515 E-party

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Players of the hit mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be able to claim a new free hero and skin, and have a chance to score new S.T.U.N skins as part of the game’s global virtual campaign 515 E-party dropping this May.

Mobile Legends 515 E-Party

The new hero named Phoveus will be introduced along with Harith’s event exclusive skin, and can be scored from May 1-16. Meanwhile, the 515 exclusive skin will be available starting on May 13-31. Phoveus is a fighter class character that is highlighted with crowd control and mobility abilities, powered by magic damage attributes. This type of kit is highly effective against heroes with Blink and Charge-based maneuverability.

The theme for this year’s 515 E-party “Together We Achieve More” is a celebration of the title thriving in the market despite the pandemic. According to Moonton’s Lilian Gao, this event is a reward for the strong bond of the players, their teammates, and Mobile Legends despite the current global conditions.

“This year, we promise our loyal supporters that they can expect a bigger 515 E-party celebration. To make our 515 E-party even more special this year, MLBB will be launching its virtual music group named S.T.U.N., an abbreviation for Strength, Tactic, Unite, and Novel which every MLBB player embodies,” she added.

This virtual music group will feature three heroes: Chou, Selena, and Brody which will come complete with new skins, voice lines, effects, and even an entire soundtrack. The S.T.U.N. Chou skin is already out while the S.T.U.N. Brody skin and S.T.U.N. Selena skin will be released on May 8 and May 15 respectively.

Aside from new heroes and skins, the campaign will also include a 515 Eparty exclusive achievement, limited-time free access to MLBB’s entire roster of heroes, unlimited Star Protection in ranked games, Mayhem mode until April 13, Ravage mode until April 31, and Shadow Brawl mode until May 23.

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