Thursday, July 18, 2024

Radenta intros new logo, sees further success in 2023

“It is about creativity and creative thinking. This is what will move us to the next level as we try to be more customer-focused, making our customers happier, making our employees happier.”        

These are the words of Randall Lozano, president of Radenta Technologies, one of the country’s leading IT solutions integrators during the company’s recent 7th anniversary event. 

Lozano adds that there is no secret to the company’s continues growth. “There is no secret; the only thing I know is happiness. If the customers are happy and the people are happy, we have success.”

Radenta has made a name for itself in the industry in a short span of time. It has forged strong partnerships with some of the biggest players like Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Zimbra, Amazon Web Services, Suse, Acronis, Microfocus, Nagios, Cisco, and HP Enterprise.

These collaborations led to the introduction of a diverse suite of solutions for different industries and business concerns.

Radenta also offers its homegrown G Series hyperconnectivity bundle suited for government offices comprising of GRIPS or Global Resource Integrated Planning System, GEARS or Global Emergency Assistance and Response System, GRIDS or Global Reconnaissance and Intelligent Defense System and hemp or Human Empowerment Equals Happy Employees.

Lozano enjoins his team to always be in the present and to accept the challenge of change, to become better, more intelligent, and more progressive.

It is not just having a new logo, he explains, but having a new way of dealing with clients, a new way of looking at the market, and a new way of looking into client needs.

More than that, it is to have the cognizance to raise the bar not just to reach the level of competition but even to surpass it. 

Radenta’s vision is clear: to become the leader in the transformation of ubiquitous IT solutions. Its mission is spread out in short and impactful sentences: to be a globally acclaimed IT solutions provider that would help clients in their business transformation and to provide business tranquility to business enterprises by bringing seamless operations into their IT systems. 

Make Radenta your partner in your digital transformation. Call 0919-081-2978 or (02) 8535-7801, email or log on to


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