Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Garmin unveils Instinct 2X Solar purpose-built smartwatches

GPS technology company Garmin has announced the launch of the Instinct 2X Solar, the latest addition to its Instinct 2 family of rugged, purpose-built smartwatches.

With its unrivaled durability and cutting-edge features, the  Instinct 2X Solar and Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition are specifically designed to thrive in the most challenging and extreme environments.

Built to US military standards (MIL-STD-810) for thermal shock, water resistance and shock, the smartwatches are water-rated up to 10 ATM1 and feature a chemically strengthened, scratch-resistant Power Glass lens.

The lens assists in extending battery life, producing 50% more energy than the standard Instinct 2 solar watch. Solar charging gives unlimited battery life in smartwatch mode2, allowing users to do what they love longer without worrying about recharging their watch.

“Our latest addition to the Instinct 2 series is the ultimate smartwatch for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, a fitness enthusiast, or simply someone who wants to stay connected, this purpose-built GPS smartwatch has you covered. With its bold design, unlimited battery life, and built-in GPS, you can take on anything that comes your way,” Scoppen Lin, assistant GM for Garmin Asia, said.

The Instinct 2X Solar introduces an integrated LED flashlight with variable intensities, whether setting up camp or out for a run in the dark, a red or adjustable white light will illuminate the surroundings for greater visibility and situational awareness.

In strobe mode, the light will match a running cadence and alternate between white and red so users can be seen and confidently take each stride.

The Instinct 2X Solar provides the features customers want and the data they can use to pursue wellness, fitness and lifestyle goals as well as navigate outdoor adventures.

Additionally, the Instinct 2X Solar is the first to offer Obstacle Course Racing as an activity, which includes running segments and obstacles of various types.

This activity will allow athletes to manually record obstacle splits and once obstacles are marked for the first lap, they will be automatically tracked for the remaining laps.

The Obstacle Course activity will include the number of runs on a particular course, run times, number of obstacles, time spent on each obstacle, run metrics for run splits (distance, pace, cadence, stride length, etc.), elevation profile, heart rate and distance.  

With its solar charging technology, the Instinct 2X Solar offers unlimited battery life in smartwatch mode, ensuring users can stay connected and explore with confidence. 

In case solar charging is unavailable, the Instinct 2x Solar still boasts of an extended battery life through its different modes.

In Expedition GPS Activity Mode, it provides an impressive 60 days of battery life, while the Battery Saver Watch Mode extends it to an astonishing 100 days.

Even without solar charging, the Instinct 2X Solar delivers exceptional longevity, with up to 40 days of battery life in Smartwatch Mode.

The Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition is packed with features specific to tactical operations including Jumpmaster and tactical preloaded activities, projected waypoints, dual-position GPS formatting and Night-Vision Compatibility.

Users can also enable Stealth Mode, which prevents sharing of GPS position and disables wireless communication. When in stealth mode, GPS location is visible on the watch face but is not saved to the device memory or shared. This allows for training functionality in areas with location security concerns without revealing the location.

To lead the way during night operations, the multi-LED flashlight on the Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition illuminates in either white or a dedicated green. Users will find the green light useful in maintaining their eyes’ natural night vision.

The Instinct 2X Solar has a suggested retail price of P28,250, while the Instinct 2X Solar – Tactical Edition has a suggested retail price of P31,380.


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